Cocaine Bear Funko Pop Release Date

Cocaine Bear Funko Pop - Pre-Order Now

Mixing cocaine with a bear creates Cocaine Bear! The dark comedy, which features a bear high on cocaine, hit cinemas on 24th February.

Exciting news for collectors is that Funko isn't avoiding this risky intellectual property and is releasing two R-Rated Cocaine Bear Funko Pops, expected to release in June 2023.

Here are the two Cocaine Bear Funko Pops set to release:

Funko Pop Cocaine Bear With Leg Bloody - $11.99

Cocaine Bear with a bloody hiker leg and bloody snarl, nice! Pre-Order from Entertainment Earth.


Funko Pop Cocaine Bear With Bag - $15.00

Cocaine Bear chewing on a bag of cocaine, with the infamous duffel bag at its feet. This is a Funko shop Exclusive.


Funko has actually created a Funko Pop of a bear chewing on a bag of cocaine and it's a Funko Shop exclusive! It's rather impressive and I didn't see this one coming.

The non-exclusive Cocaine Bear Funko Pop is also holding a severed human hiker's foot while baring its bloody teeth due to its cocaine-fuelled murder spree.

Cocaine Bear Funko Pop release date is expected June 2023.

What is Cocaine Bear?

The film is based on true events where a bear consumed $2 million worth of cocaine that was dropped from a plane by drug smuggler Andrew C Thornton II. The bear was discovered dead after ingesting 75 pounds of cocaine!

Interestingly the cocaine bear was taxidermied and can be viewed at the Kentucky For Kentucky Fun Mall in Lexington, Kentucky.

The Real Cocaine Bear

The film takes this true story and amplifies it to 11, with the bear going on a cocaine-fuelled murderous rampage, beautifully captured by Funko.

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