Funko Pop's Epic & Bloody 'Invincible Think Mark' Vinyl Moment Glam Revealed

The glam is released and preorders are open for the 'Invincible Think Mark' Funko Pop!, launching June 2024. Don't miss out on this limited edition collectible!

Funko Pop's Epic & Bloody 'Invincible Think Mark' Vinyl Moment Glam Revealed

Funko POP has hit the mark with its latest offering, the Invincible Think Mark Funko Pop! Vinyl Moment - Previews Exclusive. This Funko Pop Moment, poised for release in June 2024, captures a truly pivotal scene from the Amazon Prime animated series "Invincible," which itself is a gem adapted from the best-selling Image comic by Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley.

We now have the first glam of the Funko Pop and a window into a raw and powerful moment between Mark Grayson, the young hero known as Invincible, and his alien superhero father, Omni-Man.

You can preorder Invincible Think Mark Funko Pop now for only $39.99 at Entertainment Earth.

Here's a closer look at what makes this Funko POP! piece epic.

Epic Scene and Meme

The "Invincible Think Mark" moment immortalized in this collectible is nothing short of epic. It's the heart and soul of the series – a gut-wrenching exchange between a father and son set against the backdrop of a brutal confrontation. It's also an excellent meme, with redraws being my personal favourite.

Think Anakin!

SPOILERS AHEAD - As fans of the series will vividly recall, Omni-Man, a powerful Viltrumite, fails to understand his son Mark's deep-seated connection to Earth and its inhabitants. His viewpoint is starkly contrasted by Mark's passionate defence of life and its inherent value, regardless of its seeming fragility or insignificance in the grand cosmic scheme.

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The emotional peak of this scene – with this Funko POP! capturing Omni-Man's powerful build-up rant – is the moment where Mark, despite being battered and bloodied, expresses that after 500 years, he will still have his father. This sentiment, potent and pure, brings the otherwise unyielding Omni-Man to tears, marking the first time a Viltrumite has ever abandoned his mission as he leaves Earth.

Glam Revealed

The Invincible Think Mark Funko Pop features both Mark and Omni-Man during that emotionally charged confrontation, set on a rugged rocky base as seen on the hit animated show. The detailing is epic and bloody, with the figures showcasing the distinctive Funko aesthetic yet retaining the chaos of the scene.

Limited to 25,000 pieces, it's a piece of storytelling, a snapshot of a profound narrative moment that resonates with fans. Priced at $39.99, it's definitely good value for what's on offer.

Think Reader! Come June 2024, whether you're picking it up for its memeable success or fan of the series, you won't be disappointed.

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