Funko Release Overwatch 2 Action Figures

Funko Release Overwatch 2 Action Figures

IGN announced that Funko will release three new Overwatch 2 action figures, alongside a brand new Funko Pop!

Tracer, Genji and Repear will join the lineup of action figures. They will retail at $12.99 each and stand at 3.75 inches tall, which is 1:18 scale (think Kenner Star Wars).

Genji Funko Action Figure

The cyborg ninja, Genji, comes with 10 interchangeable pieces in total, with an extra set of hands (including claws), a swappable head and two swords.

Funko Genji Action Figure - $12.99

Pull off a Swift Strike or use your Cyber-Agility with the Genji action figure by Funko.

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Funko also recently announced that it's producing Cranium's 25th anniversary edition, along with other Cranium-branded games.

Tracer Funko Action Figure

Time-jumping adventurer, Tracer, comes with a swappable winking head, three extra hands and two Pulse Pistols.

Funko Tracer Action Figure - $12.99

Blast those Pulse Pistols and Recall your steps with the Overwatch 2 action figure from Funko.

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Reaper Funko Action Figure

The black-robed terrorist, Reaper, comes with four alternative hands and two Hellfire Shotguns. No head swap with this Overwatch 2 action figure.

Funko Reaper Action Figure - $12.99

Death will follow your Shadow Step with the Reaper Overwatch 2 action figure from Funko.

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Echo (Hot Rod) Funko Pop!

Last but not least, a new Overwatch 2 Funko Pop was also announced: The Funko exclusive Echo with Hot Rod Skin.

Echo Hot Rod Funko Pop!

ChatGPT doesn't stand a chance with this AI adaptive robot. Echo is given the Funko Pop treatment again, complete with Hot Rod skin!

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All action figures and Funko Pop should be available to order from Funko very soon.

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