Funko Pop Advent Calendar 2022 - Up To 58% Off!

Funko Pop Advent Calender 2022 - Up To 48% Off!

If you want to grab a Funko Pop advent calendar for this Christmas, now is the perfect time with Amazon Black Friday sales now on.

And you can get up to a whopping 58% off!

Here is what's included in the Amazon store Black Friday sale.

The discounts just got deeper today on Black Friday, now with up to 58% off! The article has been updated with new pricing.

Star Wars

Funko Pop Advent Calendar - Star Wars - $31.99 (47% off - RRP $59.99)

This 24-piece Funko Pop Advent character comes with Christmas-themed Star Wars Pocket Pops! An amazing gift to give for any Star Wars fan in the run-up to Xmas (or yourself of course!).


Harry Potter

Funko Pop Advent Calendar - Harry Potter - $27.49 (54% off - RRP $59.99)

The biggest discount here! 24 pocket pops to add to your Harry Potter collection. Let Harry and the gang entertain you in the run-up to Christmas, with a new Harry Potter Pop behind each tiny door. 



Funko Pop Advent Calendar - Disney - $24.99(58% off - RRP $59.99)

What better way to spend December than with your favourite Disney characters? Another 24 Pocket Pop set for you to enjoy, with a massive 58% discount. Oh, boy!


The Nightmare Before Christmas

Funko Pop Advent Calendar - The Nightmare Before Christmas - $23.99 (31% off! RRP $35)

A cool 31% off this smaller 13-piece Pocket Pop Nightmare Before Christmas countdown calendar. Lots of your favourite Halloween Town characters are here to add to your collection.


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