Funko Issues Camp Funday Attendee Box Of Fun Recall Email

Funko's unexpected recall shakes up the Camp Fundays aftermath - is it a redemption for a sticker mix-up, or a Pandora's box opening on Funko's collectible market?

Funko Issues Camp Funday Attendee Box Of Fun Recall Email

In a recent communication to attendees of Camp Fundays, Funko has issued a recall on the 'error' regarding the stickering and piece counts of certain products included in their special event Box of Fun.

Usually, the exclusive Freddy Funko Pops that Camp Fundays hands out are the kind of stuff dreams are made of - super limited editions that have collectors worldwide drooling. But this time around, there was a bit of a plot twist. Many of the Pops in the Box of Fun were identical to the ones from the online/at-home boxes. Same little Freddys, but with different stickers slapped on them. Let's just say, that didn't sit too well with the Funko community.

Here are my Funko Box Of Fun pulls, with the higher count of Dwight and Space Kook Pops

Take, for instance, our buddy 'Freddy Funko as Dwight'. At the event, this little guy was hyped up as a hot 250-piece item. Meanwhile, those back at home were surprised to find him, identical to the one at Camp Fundays, with a 3k piece count.

The story was no different for 'Freddy Funko as Cpt. America (Metallic)' – a scarce 250 pieces at the event against a 2k count in the online box, again identical. Gastlecast, that kickass YouTube channel, even aired claims from ex-employees suggesting that Funko might've staged this whole sticker swap situation on purpose. I gotta say, that sounds less like an 'oopsie' and more like a calculated move. Shady business, right? But it's seeming more likely than just an innocent mix-up

Now, Funko's trying to clean up their act. They're promising to swap out those controversial Box of Fun items, and as a cherry on top, they're throwing in a surprise mystery item. Kind of a peace offering, you might say. That's all well and good, but it's not without its drama.

Here's the full email:

Dear Camp Fundays attendee,
We are reaching out about a stickering issue that may have affected some of the products you received in your Box of Fun. To know if any of your products are affected, please check the list of items below.

To those whose product is affected, we sincerely apologize for this oversight and for any inconvenience it may cause. To rectify the situation, we would like to offer a replacement Box of Fun item and a surprise mystery item as a token of our appreciation for your understanding. However, before sending out the replacements, we kindly request that you return the original item(s).

To initiate the return process and receive a pre-paid return label, please email Once the return is confirmed, we will promptly send you the replacement items, ensuring that you receive the correct products.

Again, we deeply regret any inconvenience this may have caused and appreciate your cooperation in resolving this matter. Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, and we are committed to making it right.
Freddy Funko as Cpt. America (Metallic) with LE 250 sticker
Freddy Funko as Megatron (Metallic) with LE 500 sticker
Freddy Funko as Hopper with LE 250 sticker
Freddy Funko as Dwight with Gelatin Stapler with LE 250 sticker
Freddy Funko as Spooky Space Kook with LE 250 sticker
Freddy Funko as Merlin with LE 250 sticker

The catch? You've got to return your original items before Funko sends out any replacements. Send your 'rare' Freddy in for a mystery box! They've kinda also glossed over those who might've already bought or traded for these items for big bucks, banking on their 'rarity'. Another curveball is whether international customers can even get in on this recall.

And here's a fun little thought experiment - what happens to the Pops that don't get sent back? Will these 'infamous' low-count Freddys gain even more value? That all depends on whether a significant number of these Freddys are returned. And let's be real, unless early returns reveal rare prototypes that spark a frenzy, we might not see this recall ball rolling too fast.

For now, we can only watch as Funko tries to put out this fire. There are a bunch of unanswered questions hanging in the air, but we'll keep you posted as soon as we hear more. In the meantime, if you've been caught up in this sticky situation, hit up Funko at

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