Exclusive Dragon Ball Z Funko Pops Light Up Entertainment Earth! - Now In Stock

Order your glow-in-the-dark Dragon Ball Z Funko Pops exclusively at Entertainment Earth for just $14.99. Now in stock.

Exclusive Dragon Ball Z Funko Pops Light Up Entertainment Earth! - Now In Stock

Entertainment Earth has unveiled an exclusive line of glow-in-the-dark Funko Pop! Vinyl figures dedicated to the iconic Ginyu Force from the beloved anime series Dragon Ball Z.

Let's dive into the details of these electrifying releases. You can order now exclusively on Entertainment Earth.

Guldo - The Time Manipulator

Strike a pose with the psychic alien, Guldo! Known for his unique ability to manipulate time, this glow-in-the-dark figure captures Guldo's essence perfectly. This limited edition exclusive is a must-have for every Dragon Ball Z enthusiast.

Order yours now for $14.99!

Recoome - The Energetic Powerhouse

Recoome, the muscular warrior of the Ginyu Force, is here to make a statement. With his orange hair and scouter that glows in the dark, this Funko Pop is a testament to Recoome's imposing presence in the series.

Order this limited edition exclusive today for $14.99!

Burter - The Blue Hurricane

Speed is the name of the game with Burter, the fastest member of the Ginyu Force. This Funko Pop showcases Burter's distinctive black uniform, green scouter, and the glow-in-the-dark features that make him stand out.

Don't miss out; order now for $14.99!

Jiece - The Red-Skinned Fighter

Jiece, known for his special technique when paired with Burter, is ready to join your collection. This Funko Pop captures Jiece's unique orange skin and scouter, both of which glow in the dark.

Add this exclusive to your collection for $14.99!

Captain Ginyu - The Honorable Leader

Last but not least, Captain Ginyu, the loyal leader of the Ginyu Force, is here to complete your collection. Standing at 4 inches tall, this figure features Ginyu's iconic battle armour and scouter, both glowing in the dark.

Order this limited edition exclusive now for $14.99!

All these exclusive figures are now in stock. Don't miss the chance to complete your Ginyu Force collection with these stunning glow-in-the-dark figures!

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