Early Amazon Prime Day Funko Pop Sale - Save Up To 83%!

Early Amazon Prime Day Funko Pop deals are now live, save up to 83% whilst stocks last.

Early Amazon Prime Day Funko Pop Sale - Save Up To 83%!

Get ready for Amazon Prime Day, arriving on July 11-12, with a plethora of early deals already live as we approach this colossal sales event. We've been on a quest to find the best deals on toys, games, and collectibles from Amazon so you don't have to!

We are starting with the mammoth Funko Pop sale, with up to a whopping 83% off!

You can search the entire Amazon Prime Day Funko Pop sale here!

There are some cracking deals to be had here. Here are some of the picks across Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Marvel, DC Comics, Anime and Disney:

Star Wars

Browse the entire Star Wars Funko Pop sale here!

You can get the full Duel of the Fates diorama set with Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul for only $34.97!

There are also some slick Loungefly backpacks to grab too, such as Star Wars: Greedo Backpack ($35.99 - 19% Off), Scout Trooper Collection Backpack ($37.99 - 21% off) and X-Wing Helmet Mini-Backpack ($30.99 - 21% Off). Their matching wallets are also available!

Jurassic Park

The Jurassic Park Funko Pop! Movie Poster is 50% off, now only $29.99!


Browse the entire Marvel Funko Pop sale here!

You can snag Captain America Through The Ages 5 Pack for only $16.99 (32% Off). Captain Carter Riding Hydra Stomper is a whopping 83% Off, now only $4.99. Captain America Sam Wilson Funko Pop is now only $4.98 (62% Off).

What If? Doctor Strange Supreme is reduced to $6.99 (46% Off).

Wolverine Comic Cover is now only $15.99 (36% Off).


Browse the entire Anime Funko Pop sale here!

My Hero Academia has quite a few Funko Pops On Sale. Eijiro Kirishima is now only $5.99 (54% Off), Sir Nighteye is only $9.98 (23% Off), Mirio in Hero Costume is now $9.49 (27% Off), Kyoka Jiro is now $7.99 (38% Off), plus more!

DC Comics

Browse the entire DC Comics Funko Pop sale here!

You can grab Dia De Los DC Joker for only $6.99 (46% Off), Wonder Woman (Rebirth) Comic Cover now for $10.99 (Save 23%) and The Batman Oswald Cobble Pot for just $3.99 (Save 69%).


Browse the entire Disney Funko Pop sale here!

There are some great Disney Deals too! The Disney VHS covers are on sale, including The Little Mermaid VHS Cover is only $12.99 (Save 35%), Toy Story VHS Cover is now $9.99 (save 27%), Lion King VHS Cover is $9.99 (save 50%), plus more!

Wall-E MO is on sale too for only $6.99 and it has a chance of a chase. Wall-E with trash cube is also discounted to $8.99 (save 40$).

Remember, there are plenty more Funko Pops for sale, so check out the entire range here.

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