Bitty Pop!: The Mini Funko Adventure Begins

Funko Bitty Pop! Unofficial Concept
Funko Bitty Pop! Unofficial Concept

Hold onto your Harry Potters and Mickey Mouses Pops!, Funko is introducing a new line of collectibles that will knock your socks off... or at least shrink them to a tiny size.

Introducing Bitty Pop! - the mini versions of Funko's iconic Pop! vinyl collectibles. The first wave of Bitty Pop! includes characters from Disney and Harry Potter in miniature form.

And you don't have to wait to get your hands on them, because they'll be making their debut at London Toy Fair this month. That's right, Funko Europe is giving you a sneak peek at these micro-sized cuties before they are available to purchase.

London Toy Fair is the UK's largest toy, game, and hobby trade show, with visitors grabbing the chance to get up close and personal with the new tiny Funko figurines. And the best part? You can start collecting them starting July 2023.

They'll be available as a 4-pack for £12.99, with 16 miniature Pop! collectible characters at launch. Plus, there will be mystery 'Chase' figures to add to the fun and excitement of the hunt.

Speaking to Toy World Magazine, Funko's VP of Marketing and Business Development, Eva Verhaak is beyond thrilled about Bitty Pop! and said "I'm excited about our new Funko Bitty Pop! line. The range encapsulates our iconic Pop! vinyl figure brand, with each character shrunken to a micro-sized version of the original, just under one inch in height."

"The quality is phenomenal for something so small, and it's a new and exciting way for existing and new Funko fans alike to celebrate their favourite characters in a tiny form.”

It's always exciting when a new product lineup is introduced. Remember when the first Funko Pop ever made was released!?

So, mark your calendars, set reminders, and prepare your wallets, 'cause Bitty Pop! is coming to take over your collection and steal your heart.

And remember, the chase figures are the real treasure, so don't forget to keep an eye out for those little buggers at launch!

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