Batman Funko 25th Anniversary Re-Opens The Vault

Batman Funko 25th Anniversary Re-Opens The Vault

A new line of Funko Pop called 'Pop Classic' has been announced, with Batman 01 re-released from the vault, with a few modern twists and accessories included.

Funko Batman 01C comes with a detachable Stand

This 25,000 limited-piece standard-size Funko Pop sits on top of a detachable base, within a silver-tone window box numbered as 01C, which is also protected within a protective tin vault.

The clamshell blue Batman was one of the first Funko pops ever made. This 25th-anniversary edition is based on the DC Universe Box release, in which he didn't originally hold a Batarang in his hand as seen in this new modern version.

Funko batman 01C within a silver-tone window box

The tin vault is lined with black velvet cushion to protect the collectibles inside, complete with an embossed and hinged vault door.

Funko 25th Anniversary Batman with Vault Case

Inside is also an enamel Pop! Pin, stantless-steel Pop! Coin and a foil certificate card with Batman's biographical information. The card is very neat, we are used to seeing card designs within Funko NFTs, so it's nice to a see physical card come with this set (Funko trading cards anyone!?).

Protected case houses Batman 01C Funko Pop, Enamel Pop Pin, Coin & Card

With Funko stating that "your favourite original Pops! are back in circulation with an elaborate and stylish twist" It's certain that more will follow.

What do you think of the new Pop Classics range pulling Funko Pops out from the vault? Give us a tweet to share your thoughts.

As far as I know, it's available in the US but will update the article with further availability when known.

As an exclusive Funko, you can sign up to be notified of release at (there will be a two-piece per household limit).

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