The Ultimate Guide to Big Boy Funko NFTs

Big Boy Funko NFTs

After the success of their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles drop, the kings of the pop culture collectible scene, Funko, are back with another NFT offering.

For the second in the Digital Pop! collectible series, Funko have teamed once again with WAX and Tokenhead, returning to the brand team up that started it all for them way back in 1998 - Big Boy Restaurants.

Big Boy Funko NFTs launched on August 31st, at 2pm EST.

The chubby Big Boy mascot had already been around for decades before Funko produced its bobblehead figurine - the first product from the company that now boasts thousands of licensed Pop! Vinyl collectibles. So, it seems only fitting that Funko is returning to the icon that started it all with a fresh NFT drop.

If you fancy getting your hands on some of these adorably cute, limited-run cards, as well as the chance to grab a physical collectible, read on.

Physical redemptions are now closed for this Funko NFT set!

1. Getting Started: WAX Cloud Wallet

Before you do anything, you'll need to make sure you've set up your WAX Cloud Wallet. Big Boy Funko NFTs are available exclusively on the WAX Blockchain, so you'll need to have a wallet set up in order to get your hands on some.

Check out our complete guide on how to set up your WAX Cloud Wallet in 3 easy steps.

2. How to Buy Big Boy NFTs

Buying Direct

Ahead of launch it was possible to queue up on August 31st to buy direct during the drop. As expected, all packs quickly sold out, and are now only available to purchase on the secondary market.

Two different packs were available to purchase - a Standard ($9.99) and a Premium ($29.99) offering.

Pack Amount Released No. of NFTs Launch Price
Standard 15,000 5 $9.99
Premium 5,000 15 $29.99

In order to purchase your packs on release day, you will have needed to have set up your WAX Wallet. Purchases made this way must be made using a credit or debit card.

This was a limited release, with a fixed amount of packs being made available at launch. Queuing up did not guarantee that you would have been able to make a purchase before the limited supply sold out. Those lucky enough to be able to grab a pack during the drop, enjoyed lower prices compared with the secondary market.

Each purchase was limited to $30USD. It may have been possible to make multiple purchases during the drop, but each single transaction cannot exceed $30.

Remember to sign up to to receive updates on future drops, and to get a chance to capitalise on launch prices.

Buying on the Secondary Market

If you missed out on the launch offering, don't worry - it will be possible to purchase individual cards, and even packs, on secondary markets such as Atomic Hub. So even if you're unable to take part on August 31st, you'll still have the chance to collect the cards which catch your eye.

Of course, sales on the secondary market will be at a premium, so expect to pay more than you would during the drop itself. Higher rarities, especially the Legendary and Grail cards which include a physical redemption, will be likely to become big ticket items.

To purchase Big Boy Funko NFTs on Atomic Hub, you first must login to your WAX Cloud Wallet.

5 Terre

Click into the Market and search for the bigboy.funko collection. Alternatively, you can find it using the Collections filter on the left-hand side.

To filter for available packs, simply click on packs.drop.

This will display all packs available for sale. By default, this will display the newest listings first, but you can also arrange by price or mint number.

5 Terre

Sorting by price is a great way to find the best price for the pack you want. Keep in mind, however, that there is a delay in the 'Listings (Newest)' appearing in the 'Price (Lowest)' filter. It's a good idea to check the lowest price first and comparing against the first page of the 'Listings (Newest)' results.

It's also worth being aware of the relationship between the mint number (the sequence order in which the NFT was minted against the template) and the price.

Generally speaking, lower mint numbers will attract higher prices, with mint numbers relating to special numbers or dates tied to the property (i.e. anniversaries, shirt numbers and so on) also likely to cost more. If you're just rounding out a collection and don't mind what mint number you receive, searching by 'Price (Lowest)' is the best way to go.

Once you have found the price you are happy with, you can either click 'Buy' which launches a quick buy pop-up, or you can inspect the NFT further by clicking on the image or 'Details' button.

If you are happy to proceed, simply click 'Buy for x WAX'. You will need to confirm the transaction and wait whilst the order processes. A tick symbol will appear once successful.

Congrats, you have purchased a Big Boy X Funko pack, and it will now be available in your inventory!

Open your Big Boy Funko NFT pack and let us know in the comments what you get!

Of course, you don't need to buy a whole pack. Instead, you can follow the same steps to buy individual cards direct from the secondary market.

To do that, when you search for bigboy.funko, simply click on series1.drop. This will filter all the series one digital trading cards. You can also filter further, by selecting the 'rarity filter' on the left-hand side.

3. Big Boy Funko Collection & Rarities

Each pack contains a selection of pre-minted cards, as well as a bonus NFT with a chance to win an exclusive prize.

The collection features a range of 41 templates, plus 6 unique single issues cards, representing the mascot's 85-year history.

Available in 6 different rarities, ranging from Common styles right through the hyper-rare Grail cards, each pack gives you the chance to open something truly special.

Rarity % Odds Of Unpacking Total Circulation Per Unique Template
(15 templates)
46.33% 69,495 4633
(12 templates)
30% 45,000 3750
(8 templates)
16% 24,000 3000
(4 templates)
6% 9000 2250
(1 template)
1% 1500 1500 Includes Physical Redemption
(1 template)
0.67% 999 999 Includes Physical Redemption

The whole set is definitely eye-catching, but it's the rarest tiers - Legendary and Grail - that are most desirable, given that they both include the opportunity to redeem a token for an actual, physical Funko Pop! collectible!


Another little extra in this drop is the chance to open a unique, single issue card.

Each pack contains a set-specific Funko coin. The standard pack has one coin and the Premium pack has three coins. There's also the chance (a 0.02% chance, but still...) that instead of a coin, you could receive a 1-of-1 Freddy Funko or Max TokenHead card!

A total of six 1-of-1 cards will be available within the set, and while they aren't tied to a physical collectible (and don't count towards the set Mastery), these exclusive pulls are guaranteed to attract significant attention on the secondary market. A silver Max TokenHead card from the previous Funko TMNT set recently sold for $5000, so we'd definitely recommend keeping your eyes peeled when you open your packs.

4. Claim a Rare Physical Big Boy Funko Collectible

It's becoming more popular for limited drops like these to offer real-world rewards in addition to the digital tokens that can be collected or traded. In its first collection, Funko included the chance to open qualifying cards which entitled the owner of the token to claim an exclusive, super rare Funko Pop! Vinyl collectible, and this new set is no different.

Each of the Big Boy Funko Standard and Premium packs have a chance of including Legendary or Grail cards. If you're lucky enough to unpack one of these beauties, congratulations - you've qualified for a physical collectible.

Physical redemptions are now closed for this Funko NFT set!

How to Redeem

In order to redeem, you do need to sit tight for a little while.

120 days after launch (December 29th), if you own a Legendary or Grail tier card in your wallet, a special Redemption Coin will be deposited into your account.

This coin will need to be redeemed, or burned, in order to claim your physical collectible. Please note that once burned, the coin is gone for good (although the card itself will still remain in your collection).

It's also important to be aware that the Redemption Coin will be deposited into the account of the owner of the card (i.e. not the person who originally unpacked it) on the applicable date. If the card is sold on the secondary marketplace, only the person who has the card in their wallet when the Redemption Coins are deposited will receive one.

Once received, you'll have 30 days to redeem your Redemption Coin.

Legendary and Grail physical redemptions will be limited to just 1500 and 999 pieces respectively.

Become a Funko Master

If you're fortunate enough to unpack, or trade for, one each of every different template through the Common to Epic rarities (39 in all), you'll have achieved Mastery status and will also be able to redeem a special Redemption Coin for a rare, limited edition physical collectible.

These will be limited to just 2250 pieces, worldwide.

What's the Big Deal about Funko Pop!?

Funko Pop! Vinyl collectibles are incredibly popular the world over, both for the novelty of the huge range of licenses they work with, but also for the vibrant secondary collector's market.

Some of the most hyper-rare designs have sold for thousands of dollars, and with the very limited, exclusive nature of the Big Boy Funko collection, which will never be re-released and that can only be obtained via this NFT drop, there's every reason to think that the physical collectibles will become quite valuable.

5. Keep Updated

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