Funko TMNT Pop Prices - Freddy Funko

Funko TMNT Pop Prices  - Freddy Funko
Funko TMNT Pop Prices - Freddy Funko

From NFT to physical pop, we review the early sale prices on eBay and Mercari to see how our TMNT pops are performing.

If you missed our last one, you can catch up on the sale performance of the Casey Jones pop:

Funko TMNT Physical Prices - Casey Jones
Pop Digital has now arrived with TMNT physicals. let’s look at the value of the Casey Jones Funko Pop and more!

Next up, Freddy Funko.

Freddy Funko

The very first mastery set reward featured Funko's mascot, Freddy. To get this physical pop, you had to complete what was then called the mastery set (now known as royalty), where you collect all common, uncommon, rare and epic NFTs in the set.

The challenge was well received by the community and only early high prices, especially for packs and epics, halted more completions. I missed out on getting packs at retail due to the demand and because of that, it made completing the set very difficult.

It was only when the redemption coins come out that I grabbed the opportunity to snag a bargain. The NFT space can be quite fickle and focus was soon drawn to the rise of play-to-earn games at the expense of their hard-earned TMNT redemption coins.

Let's take a look at the sales data!

Redemption Coin

In December 2021 the Freddy Funko redemption coins were distributed to those who had completed the mastery set and could be redeemed for the physical pop during the month.

Freddy Funko Redemption Coin

Trades on the secondary market for the coin were frequent, with 113 sales taking place.

Average $ Max Sale Min Sale
$162.39 $300.20 $119.39

The average price for the Freddy Funko coin was $162.39, which was a bargain considering that the mastery set would cost you around $380 (A 57% saving!). It was still 62% more expensive than the Casey Jones redemption coin.

Some lucky people paid even less, with the lowest sale hitting $119.39 and a fair number of sales around the $130 > $140 mark. The highest sale was the very first sale for the redemption coin at $300.20. That turned out to be an expensive purchase, but understandable as it would have looked like a bargain at the time.

So how is Freddy performing as a physical pop now it's in the hands of those who redeemed?

Physical Pop!

In the end, 1183 Freddy Funko coins were redeemed, the highest circulation in the TMNT NFT set by a small margin.  Despite being the highest, it did have a max possible circulation of 2160, which was also the highest in the set.

Yet there is still 45% less in circulation than what's advertised on the sticker for the very first Freddy Funko in the Digital Pop range.

Freddy Funko TMNT Pop!

It also looks really good. It is a copy of Skater Freddy, but it does have enough to make it stand out.

The gold bandana/baseball cap, the TMNT green t-shirt and the turtle shell backpack give it a unique feel. I'm really drawn to the gold, it gives it a premium vibe I can dig.

So far I have come across 11 sales on eBay and Mercari (excluding bundle buys and those sales not in-hand).

Here is what we have so far:

Average $ Max Sale Min Sale
$552 $641 $349

On average the pop is selling for $552, which is 3.4 X higher than the average redemption coin cost!

The highest sale has been $641 and the lowest $349, quite a contract is sale prices between the two. The lowest sale was an auction with a single bidder and it was also advertised as an LE 2160 which may play a part in it.

Let me know what you think of the Freddy Funko Pop Price on Twitter.

It's great to see the pop doing so well this early on and reward the Funko NFT OGs. It's my favourite of the set and I feel like I'm more drawn to the Freddy variants with each passing drop.

Freddy Captain Cutler...yes, please!

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