Droppp Announces Funko Adventure Time NFTs

Funko Adventure Time NFTs will drop June 6, 2023, @ 2 pm ET.

Droppp Announces Funko Adventure Time NFTs

Droppp has announced the next Funko NFT featuring the hit Cartoon Network show Adventure Time.

Funko Adventure Time NFTs drop June 6 @ 2 pm ET.

This announcement comes on the heels of Funko's most recent launch of The Dark Knight Trilogy NFTs last week.

The physical Funko Pop rewards will spotlight Finn The Human as the coveted Grail, limited to just 999 pieces. The legendary set will comprise of Randy Butternubs, Peppermint Butler, Lady Rainicorn, and Golb, each with a production run of 1,600 pieces. Lastly, the Royalty set will feature a special Freddy Funko in Jake Suit, capped at 2,300 pieces.

Packs will be available in the usual Standard and Premium flavours, limited to 18,750 each.

Pack Amount Released No. of NFTs Launch Price Launch Date
Standard Pack 18,750 5 $9.99 06/06/2023
Premium Pack 18,750 15 $29.99 06/06/2023

More information will be released on our ultimate guide, don't forget to follow us on Twitter to keep updated.

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