Unleash the Madness with The Joker Golden Age Edition Action Figure

Unleash the Madness with The Joker Golden Age Edition Action Figure

This week has been a thrilling ride for fans of the Dark Knight! Hot on the heels of the McFarlane Batman & Robin movie figures opening for pre-orders, the excitement continues with the release of The Joker Golden Age Edition One:12 Collective action figure.

You can preorder The Joker Golden Age Edition action figure from Entertainment Earth for $90. Remember, you won't be charged until it ships in August 2024!

Brought to you by the amazing folks at Mezco Toyz, this figure is a tribute to the Clown Prince of Crime's classic comic book era, complete with his notorious purple suit and an array of mischievous accessories. They've masterfully captured the look and energy of this infamous icon.

The figure comes with over 28 points of articulation, allowing you to pose The Joker in countless ways as he concocts his next diabolical scheme. Three interchangeable head portraits and matching hair pieces capture his maniacal grin and wild expressions. True to form, this Joker isn't just about looks; he's packed with hands for different dastardly positions, from holding his infamous cards to a buzzer ready to shock any handshake.

And what would Gotham's most wanted be without his tools? Accessories include everything from a spewing acid FX that attaches to a fake Gotham police badge, to a Joker utility belt with two face-shaped buckles—one even springs out for a surprise attack!

The figure stands approximately 16.5 cm tall and is lovingly hand-painted, showcasing The Joker in all his menacing glory. Each one comes in a collector-friendly box, so whether you're an in-box collector or an out-of-box display artist, your newest acquisition will be right at home.

Available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth for $90.00, this figure is a playful piece of comic history that's sure to please fans. Secure yours now for the August 2024 release and don't wait until it's too late—grab yours and let the chaos ensue!

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