Knife, Check; Popcorn, Check: The Mezco Ghost Face Figure Is Here!

Secure your slice of horror history with the Mezco Ghost Face action figure, now available for preorder. Set to ship in November 2024 and priced at $95.

Knife, Check; Popcorn, Check: The Mezco Ghost Face Figure Is Here!

Horror fans, prepare to clear some prime real estate on your display shelves, as the Mezco Ghost Face Action Figure joins the One:12 Collective lineup.

Mezco Ghost Face Action Figure is now available to preorder at Entertainment Earth for $95. Shipping is expected in November 2024.

Now, before you dash off to dim the lights and cue up your favourite scary movie, let’s dive into what makes this figure a must-have for fans of the iconic "Scream" series.

The Many (Terrifying) Faces of Fear

Ghost Face, the beloved harbinger of horror movie nights, is sneaking out from the shadows and into our collection with a twist - or should we say, with a slash. With four interchangeable head portraits, including the classic elongated mask, a blood-splattered version for those who like their horror with a side of gore, a glow-in-the-dark option to light up your late-night fright fests, and a zombie portrait for a dash of undead charm, this figure is all about versatility in villainy.

Dress to Kill

Our slasher star wouldn’t be caught dead (or alive) without his signature black hooded robe either, complete with a posable hood and sleeves. Thanks to the integrated posing wire, you can recreate those chilling moments from the movies or invent new scenes of suspense. And let’s not forget his arsenal of accessories - knives, a reaper's scythe, and multiple blood FX attachments that promise to bring the action (and the horror) to life.

The Ghost Face One:12 Collective Action Figure Features
Body One:12 Collective body with over 28 points of articulation
Detailing Hand-painted authentic detailing
Height Approximately 6 1/2-inches (17cm) tall
Interchangeable Heads Four (4) interchangeable head portraits (classic mask, zombie mask, glow-in-the-dark mask, bloody mask)
Interchangeable Hands Eight (8) interchangeable hands (pair of fists, pair of holding hands, pair of posing hands, popcorn bowl holding hand, popcorn grabbing hand)
Costume Hooded robe with integrated posing wire, Sweater, Pants, Boots
Accessories Butcher knife, hunting knife, hunting knife with blood spurt FX, scythe, remote control, popcorn bowl, three (3) blood FX (blood slash FX, two blood splash FX), One:12 Collective display base with logo, One:12 Collective adjustable display post

Horror Movie Night Essentials

But what's a killer without his snacks? This Ghost Face knows how to host a horror movie marathon, armed with a popcorn bowl and remote control. Whether you're setting up a scene of cinematic slaughter or just having him chill on the couch, this figure brings the sinister and the silly in equal measure.

Priced at $95 and crafted by the masters at Mezco Toyz, this figure stands approximately 6 1/2 inches tall and boasts over 28 points of articulation. The hand-painted details bring Ghost Face's eerie essence to life, ensuring that this figure will be the centrepiece of any horror collection. And for the cherry on top, it comes in a collector-friendly box because Mezco knows how we like our collectibles.

Secure Your Slice of Horror

Set to ship in November 2024, preorders for the Mezco Ghost Face One:12 Collective Action Figure are now open. This means you have plenty of time to clear a prime spot in your collection for this masterpiece of horror memorabilia. But don't wait too long; we predict these will vanish faster than unsuspecting victims in a slasher flick.

So, whether you’re a die-hard "Scream" fan, a collector of all things horror, or just someone who appreciates the finer (and frightful) things in life, this Ghost Face action figure is screaming your name. Grab yours and let the terror... I mean, the fun, begin!

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