Yoshidrops - Carbon Negative, WAX Blockchain & What's Next

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By Craig Fulton
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Back in May 2021, Yoshidrops dropped one million Yoshicoins to wallets across the WAX blockchain.

Six months ago feels like an eternity in crypto and a lot has happened since the first Yoshicoin was airdropped. Let's take a look at Yoshidrops and how the music NFT project is progressing.

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Earth Friendly

Yoshidrops look after our most important non-fungible asset: Earth.

Since the initial Yoshicoin airdrop on May 27 2021, Yoshidrops have raised over $60k in fees from secondary market sales. 100% of this raised revenue will go to Yoshidrop's green energy partner Carbonfund.org.

CarbonFund.org aims to achieve a ZeroCarbon(TM) world through climate education, carbon offsets & reduction and public outreach. They encourage businesses and individuals to reduce their carbon footprint and offset what cannot be reduced.

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A greener blockchain

Yoshidrops already runs on the incredible and certified carbon neutral WAX blockchain.

For example, the Etherium blockchain will use 125k times more energy than WAX requires!

Not only is WAX green, but it's also the undisputed king of NFTs. That's because WAX doesn't charge gas fees, along with free peer-to-peer trading and instant transactions. You only pay commission when selling on a secondary marketplace.

If you haven't already, set up your WAX Cloud wallet in three easy steps:

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Building the future of music

So what's next for Yoshidrops?

Well, it's no secret that Yoshidrops has been building a seamless onboarding experience for music fans. Instead of having to trade with crypto, fans can simply pay with a debit/credit card straight from the Yoshidrops website.

Crypto payment options are of course still available and include both Etherium & WAX options.

You can also sign in to your YoshiDrops account with just a mobile number!

This is huge as the platform is ready for a mainstream audience with much fewer friction points than the traditional crypto ecosystem.

The marketplace is also live, meaning you can now list your collection for sale on the Yoshidrops website and run auctions!

The Yoshi Music app

The team have been working hard in the background building the Yoshi Music app and fans are desperate for this to be released.

The news is that it's coming soon and we have more visuals and features to share.

You'll be able to listen to Yoshi Radio, a selection of ever-changing music & art for your listening/visual pleasure.

If you like what you hear, you will be able to purchase the music NFT by tapping a green cart button in the top right.

Why buy? Well, you can listen on-demand when the track doesn't appear on Yoshi Radio through the app in the My Collection section, along with your other Yoshidrops NFTs.

You also help support the artist, build your collection to earn Yoshibucks (which can be used to buy more awesome tracks) and can purchase higher rarity tracks with limited edition cover art or songs.

It's like the good old days when you used to OWN your music, rather than just stream whatever Spotify and co allow.

This is COOL and we can't wait for the app to drop!

November membership drop

The next membership drop happens on November 26, with the membership snapshot taking place on November 25. The higher the rarity of membership you own, the more Yoshibucks you earn and the higher rarity of digital vinyl (music NFT track) you will be dropped.

If you want to get involved, pick up a membership on the secondary market.

Yoshi community

If you want to mix and learn from the greatest talent in the music industry and collaborate on tracks, hop on into the YoshiDrops Discord group and share your music or just join in on the fun!

Join the YoshiDrops Official Discord Server!
Collectable Music and Moments From The Artists You Love | 1,279 members

You can also get a chance to grab collab music through the special and very limited Yoshidailies drop!

Be prepared to be blown away by the creativity, the amazing fans and the man, the myth, the legend himself: Yoshi Kondo.

The future of music is in good green hands.

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