From CryptoPunk to Cyberpunk - Minecraft Shader Magic!

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By Craig Fulton
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Out-the-box Minecraft can look a little, well, CryptoPunk.

We don't have anything against their pixelated punk faces, but there is a time and a place for everything.

You want to appreciate every detail of the incredible creations Uplifters bring to life.

Genesis can look rough around the edges in vanilla Minecraft

When you can appreciate it like this:

However, it can look breathtaking with shaders and textures applied.

Now that's cyberpunk!

1. Getting Started: Curseforge launcher

To get started, first we will need to download the curseforge launcher:

CurseForge Mods and Addons |
Welcome to the CurseForge community! Build, manage and download mods and addons for your favorite games

Once downloaded, open CurseForge and click on Minecraft within the 'choose game' section:

Next, click on 'Browse Modpacks':

Install 'the vanilla experience (modpack)'. It's usually the third one down if you haven't already installed it previously. Once installed, it will show up like this:

Awesome, step one is complete!

2. Install Java

If you don't already have Java installed, you're going to need it to run JAR files. You can download it for free here:

Run through the installation process:

You should now have Java installed and ready for Optifine.

3. Install Optifine

Optifine will allow you to add shaders and texture packs to Minecraft. Neat!

Grab it here for free:

OptiFine Download
OptiFine - Minecraft performance tuning and advanced graphics

Once downloaded, it will pop up in the bottom left of your browser. You may see a warning message, 'this file can harm your computer'. Don't worry, simply select 'keep'.

Click the upward arrow and select 'show in folder'.

You should see the file like this:

Keep this open for now, we will need this file shortly.

Go back to open forge and right-click on the vanilla mod pack:

Select Open folder:

Select the 'mods' folder:

Simply drag in 'optifine' from your downloads (should still have this open in another 'file explorer' tab) into the mod folder.

So you should end up with this:

Now you are ready to install the Minecraft shaders and texture packs.

4. Mini-Map (Bonus)

Before we install shaders, there is an awesome Minecraft minimap that is super easy to download with everything you currently have open.

You can download the minimap mod for free here:

Once downloaded, click on the 'show in folder'.

Drag into the same mods folder as you did with 'optifine'

Great, you now have an awesome minimap!

Click back within file explorer, so we get back to the folder options within CurseForge and keep this open:

Now for the shaders.

5. Install Astralex Shaders

You can download Astralex shaders here:

Download | AstraLex Shader
Download Latest version of AstraLex

Once downloaded, click on the 'show in folder'.

Don't unzip the file, simply drag this zip file into the shaderpacks folder within CurseForge (this should still be open):

6. Install Bloom Texture Pack

You can download the Bloom Texture Pack here:

Once downloaded, click on the 'show in folder'.

Drag the zip folder to the 'resource packs' folder.

7. Load Minecraft

Now it's time to get everything working together.

Hit the play button (hover over to see) within curseforge:

It may take a bit of time to load up all that awesomeness. Once it does load, login to your Minecraft (or create an account). Once in you will see this:

This looks like your standard Minecraft, however 'the vanilla experience' should be shown at the bottom left, along with your Minecraft username at the bottom right (a nice addition).

Now we hit play (more loading will happen).

8. Activate Shaders & Textures

Let's go!

Once the game has loaded hit on options:

Click on 'video settings':

Click on 'shaders':

Double-check the Astralex shaders are selected:

Click 'done' and then click 'done' again. Next select 'resource packs':

Hover over the bloom pack at the left-hand panel where you should see a grey arrow:

Click on that arrow to move the bloom pack over to the 'selected' column:

That's you ready to roll! Hit 'done' twice to take you back to the main menu.

Load up multiplayer, build awesome things in stunning graphics and show your gratitude every day.

You rock!

P.S - If you get any performance issues, go back to the shaders folder and tweak the render and shadow quality down below 1 x (when you click on these options, it will cycle up first, before it eventually hits back down to 0.5 x)

Also note, there are many shaders and texture packs you can choose from. Let us know your favourites in the comments.

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