WarSpace Set For A Bloody Sell-Out

9 months ago   •   3 min read

By Craig Fulton
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After the previous war ruined all nations in the world of WarSpace, a rare period of peace allows for reconstruction. Yet simmering resentment from previous conflicts between factions threatens to boil over.

War is coming!

Yet the first battle is not set on the resource-rich land of the lost world. It's not a fight between the agronomist elves and the lumbering ogres. There is still peace in these fictional lands for now.

Yet you can hear the war drums beat uncomfortably close to home and soon you will be witness to an army of NFT enthusiasts charging the NeftyBlocks WarSpace drop battlefield on January 12 @ 19:00 UTC.

And what a glorious bloody battle this will be.


Over 11k whitelisted warriors will fight for only 2,400 Starter Packs (whitelist now closed), with each whitelister allowed to claim two packs!  Packs are priced at 149 WAX each and contain two random building NFTs (Farm, Gold Mine, Quarry or Lumber Mill).

Pack Sale Requirement Amount Released No. of NFTs Launch Price
Premium Pack Premium Pass 800 5 499 WAX
Starter Pack Premium Pass 1,600 2 149 WAX
Starter Pack Whitelist (Closed) 2,400 2 149 WAX

The Starter Pack gives you an 89% chance of a common, 10% rare and 1% epic for each of the two NFTs in the pack.

Two of the five NFTs in the Premium pack share the same odds as the Starter Pack, with the remaining three NFTs guaranteed to be two rare and one epic. Cool!

But how do you get hold of a Premium Pack?

Premium Pass

If you have a weak stomach for the battle or didn't make it on the whitelist, there is a way you can guarantee two Starter Packs and one Premium Pack (the holy grail!).

For that, however, you will need a fat WAX wallet to purchase a Premium Pass on the secondary market.

These golden beauties are currently trading for a whopping $1600 (around 3,900 WAX). Though for the price you are also granted future access to ALL WarSpace private sales, which is a huge bonus.

The Premium Pass has risen considerably in price from under $200 to a high of $1,700 in just two weeks.

With the Premium Pass selling for a high fee and the public sale whitelist dwarfing the available packs for sale, I can only see high secondary market prices for packs and Building NFTs when they inevitably hit the secondary market.

About WarSpace

WarSpace is an NFT play-to-earn game where players can mine for natural resources such as Stone, Wood, Food and Gold. Players will use a variety of these resources to maintain and upgrade their mining operations.

Full game mechanics will be covered in detail in a future article, in the meantime, you can read the WarSpace whitepaper.

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