Platon Iris NFT Art Selling For Thousands On WAX

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By Craig Fulton
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World-renowned portrait photographer Platon released his Eye Love You Eye Hate You NFT project on back in June 2021.

Article Update (21/01/22) - The recent spike in Platon NFT sales on the AtomicHub can be linked to the recent Kevin Rose Podcast with Platon on The Proof Collective is an exclusive private members group of 1k NFT collectors and investors. It's also important to note that LGND has built a bridge (coming soon) to port existing LGND assets from WAX to ETH and plan to build the secondary market on OpenSea.

A collection of 12 iris belonging to the most powerful and famous was released in a time-limited sale for $111 each. The catch was that you didn't know who you were buying, no preconceived bias, just the beauty of the eye.

Now they are trending hot on the secondary market.

The Elusive Vladimir Putin's Rare Portrait by Platon
The Elusive Vladimir Putin's Rare Portrait by Platon

I personally bought two Platon pieces on launch day, poetically ending up with both Vladimir Putin and Nadya Tolokonnikova. Two polarizing political ideologies, one imprisoned by the other, both beautifully stripped of judgement.

Everyone who took part in the drop, including the follow-up part 2 set, enjoyed the experience and the Platon NFTs have happily lived in collectors wallets until now.

On January 17, sales of the Platon iris art started to pick up speed on the AtomicHub.   Six items were sold from 280 WAX to 1200 WAX, before a last-minute sale of 7,550 WAX ($3,020) closed the day for a Frame 8 - Elon Musk. This was significant, as it was the largest trading volume for secondary sales in six months.

Frame 8 - Elon Musk

Sold For 7,550 WAX ($3,020)

Review Sale On AtomicHub

It would pale in comparison with today, 18 January. At the time of writing, 39 Platon pieces have sold so far today for a collective sum of 137k WAX ($52k). This is the largest secondary trading volume for ever and it's fantastic to see Platon's NFT work get the recognition it deserves.

The biggest sale so far has been a bundle for both Barack and Michelle Obama, selling for a cool 25,879 WAX ($10,352). This was followed by Frame 1 - Edward Snowden for 10k WAX ($3,823) and another Elon Musk for 8,500 WAX ($3,400).

Frame 5 - Barack Obama

Sold For 25,879 WAX ($10,352) bundled with Frame 9 - Michelle Obama

Review Sale On AtomicHub

Many of the higher purchases are from new accounts or at least accounts that are only buying Platon pieces.

You will be hard-pressed to find a piece of work so unique, from such talent as Platon, and with more people getting involved in NFTs and WAX, I can certainly see momentum for his photography NFTs continuing as more catch on to the Platon bull run.

It will certainly be interesting to see where it goes from here. You can check out Platon on the secondary market for yourself.

About was aiming to bring the world's greatest artist's to a blockchain, WAX, not particularly known as an elite artist's playground. The polished site has more than delivered on that objective, bringing names such as James Jean, Pierce Brosnan, Tristan Eaton and more. consistently sell out their art NFT drops, with purchasing available in WAX, ETH or direct from a credit/debit card. However, with secondary market sales typically quieter on a blockchain not suited to fine art, LGND has built a bridge to port all current WAX assets over to ETH and OpenSea.

About Platon

Platon was one of the early artists on the platform, the person who has photographed more world leaders than any human on earth, including six United States presidents. He photographs those that both inspire and enrage.

But what if he stripped away the ability to judge, just leaving the window to the soul, the iris.

Platon explains:

“Eye Hate You, Eye Love You” is a project about stripping away your capacity to pass judgment and provoke a respectful debate about who we are as people. What if you are left with the one thing that’s very difficult to recognize or judge? What if you are left with just the iris?

You can read his full interview on

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