New NFT Battle Card Game Announced

a year ago   •   2 min read

By Craig Fulton

A new NFT battle card game is in production for The Chronicles of Dr Zammsy on the WAX blockchain.

Dr Zammsy is an original collection of NFT trading cards featuring elite level storytelling and art from the mind of Matt Gaser.

Matt is a vastly experienced and talented art director, working on franchises such as Star Wars, Angry Birds and World of Warcraft.

Example of Matt Gaser's concept art for Stars Wars: The Clone Wars

‌Your Dr Zammsy NFT card collection will be used in-game, with each player taking turns to battle their opponent, adding utility to an already engaging story and incredible artwork.

A sizable investment has been put forward for game development, so we are excited to see the finished product on release (and create an army of skiff worms!).

Concept art for the tabletop battle arena

Dr Zammsy Series 2 trading cards are available now, providing an excellent opportunity to build a collection before game launch hype. Series 1 cards are also available on the secondary market.

The Chronicles of Dr. Zammsy® – From the Mind Of Matt Gaser

You can learn how to buy from the secondary market, create a WAX wallet and buy WAX coin with our Getting Started NFT guides.

Dr Zammsy in action performing Snookum Beast surgery

‌The story follows Dr Zammsy through the world of Gallagan as he fights the deadly virus and the evil Queen Vizdeedra.

A release date has yet to be confirmed, but we will provide updates on game development and the wider Dr Zammsy project.

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