NiftyVille - Is This The GTA Of NFT Gaming?

a year ago   •   1 min read

By Craig Fulton

A new open-world play-to-earn MMO has been announced for the Etherium Blockchain.

The ambitious project dropped its premiere trailer on YouTube, with innocently cartoonish graphics demonstrating menacing gunfights, car chases and commerce between players.

There are more than a few hints towards Grand Theft Auto Style gameplay, from socialising to owning real estate, all within the Etherium blockchain!


Imagine acquiring a car dealership NFT, allowing you to earn a passive income by selling sports car NFTs to other Niftians. Yes, please!

The project is brought to you by Onessus, who have already brought us the incredible NFT game HodlGod and their new whenstaking system on the WAX blockchain.

No launch date or other details have been released.

If the execution of NiftyVille is on point, this could very well be the next big NFT hit on Etherium.

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