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By Craig Fulton
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BluDAC is causing an intergalactic stir with their third party liquidity pool rewards.

They strap rockets to stuff. And by stuff, they mean your NFT project!

What is

BluDAC aims to solve illiquid token markets by dramatically incentivising liquidity pools. They have started on the WAX blockchain and will fire more rockets into orbit on other chains soon.

We wrote extensively about BluDAC, you can read everything you need to know below:

Blu DAC Launching Liquidity Pool Rewards |
Blu DAC is launching a rocket in the shape of third party liquidity pool rewards for tokens on the WAX blockchain.

As more people provide liquidity, your token becomes more accessible to fans whilst also driving the value of the asset up as more and more lock your token into the liquidity pool.


Many of the top WAX projects are already signed up to BluDAC and you can join them.

Where do I get my rocket?

It's easy to get strapped:

Here are the steps in more detail:


You're going to create a BLU/YOURTOKEN pair on Alcor Exchange.

To do this we need to create a new pool.

Create New Pool

When in Swap you can click on create pool when you type in YOURTOKEN name to the Buy search field:

You can also hit + liquidity and create pool over to the right.

This will take you to the create new pool page.

Set BLU@bludactokens as the base token:

Then select your token as the Quote token. The ratio between the tokens will set the price for the pool.

For example, if we were to add 5K BLU with 10K YOURTOKEN the price would be 1 BLU for 2 YOURTOKEN.

Once you have worked out the initial liquidity ratio, hit Create and that's you done!

Deepen the pool

You need your new BLU/YOURTOKEN pair to be in the top 10 deepest non-listed BLU pairs by Nov 11th.

For this to happen, you need as many of your fans to provide liquidity to your token pair pool.

Make noise on your social channels and spread the word that your project will be rocketing into the stratosphere when you get into the top 10.

You can share our article on how to join a liquidity pool which explains everything they need to know.

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