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By Craig Fulton
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DeepMine is a new play-to-earn mining game with its first sale coming to WAX blockchain on October 27 @ 18:00 CET.

Ok, another mining game, I hear you. But this one is very different and has some very unique mechanics. Trust us, this looks freaking awesome!

We won't dig into all the details here, we will serve up our reader favourite ultimate guide to do the game justice in due course.

For now, here is a quick overview of the game, the upcoming sale and how you can get yourself on the whitelist.

What is DeepMine?

DeepMine is a play-to-earn mining game, with land, mines, equipment and player roles.

The game encourages player cooperation and interaction, with unique roles and community governance playing a vital role.

For example, a landowner can take the role of a landlord, renting their Area NFT for mine development.  A player with a Mine NFT can request to build the mine on an area owned by another player.

But wait, we need equipment to get mining!

Well, lucky for you there are contractors, players with Equipment NFTs, who have the tools to work in your mine, for a share of the spoils of course.

But that's not all, you have engineers, scientists, geologists, factory owners and even political parties! Every one of them is powered by NFTs.

With a factory, you can produce equipment NFTs and sell them on the open market. However, you will also need to buy DeepMine Energy (DME) from miners to power and upgrade the factory. Each role requires the other, creating a healthy and vibrant economy.

The price you buy/sell is determined by you and the players you interact with.

Don't you just love NFTs!? Especially when a game like this comes along.

How do I get whitelisted?

The whitelist gives you exclusive access to the sale two hours before the general public. It won't guarantee you the pack you want, but it does greatly increase your chances.

The whitelist sale kicks off on October 27 @ 18:00 CET, with the general public sale starting @ 20:00 on the same day.

You will get this Golden whitelist ticket sent to you by 26 October @ 23:59

The size of the whitelist won't be announced, however, it won't be possible for the whole offering to be purchased by the whitelist, so if you do miss out, you will get a chance during the public sale.

To get whitelisted follow the link below and complete as many steps as possible to increase your chances of selection:

DeepMine Whitelist Application
DeepMine is the NFT-based metaverse game featuring an unusual cooperative mechanics and game plot. Open in-game economy allows for various gaming scenarios so that every player can choose the role that fits them best depending on time and effort they want to dedicate. Website:…

Be quick, whitelist entry ends October 26 @ 16:00 CET.

The DeepMine Sale

The sale will launch October 27 @ 18:00 CET  on the AtomicHub (will add the link when ready), with three-pack types up for grabs:

Pack Type Total Packs Total NFTs Launch Price Cooldown
Genesis Area Pack 500 2 $499 4 hours
Genesis Equipment Pack 2500 20(+2) $99 30 Mins
Launch Equipment Pack 5000 20(+1) $20 15 Mins

This sale is focusing on Areas and Equipment. Future sales will focus on other potential roles, such as factories for factory owners.

There are cooldown times for each pack, for example, if you purchase an Area Pack you will need to wait 4 hours before you could purchase a second Area Pack.

Genesis Area Pack

The Area Pack is the pack you need if you want to become a landlord. You can, of course, mine on your own land if you have the resources, but each area can accommodate 100 mines! If you want maximum earnings, you can rent out this powerful resource to other Mine NFT owners.

Genesis Area Pack NFT

Each pack costs $499 and you will receive 1 x Area NFT (a random rarity) and 1 x NTT sticker, which can be exchanged for a Mine NFT.

Here are the odds for this pack:

Rarity % Odds Total NFTs
NTT Sticker (Free Mine) 100% 500
(Legendary) DME Springs 1% 5
(Epic) Lava 3% 15
(Rare) Glaciers 10% 50
(Uncommon) Space Debris 26% 130
(Common) Rock Fields 60% 300

Areas are capped to 1k, with another 500 to be auctioned off after this sale. These auction prices will start from $1k. For example, a legendary DME Springs Area NFT will have a starting price of around $4k-5k dollars!!

Genesis Equipment Pack

This pack will provide the tools you need to get mining with a Mine NFT. If you don't own a Mine NFT you can become a contractor and earn from mining in another players mine. How cool is that!?

Genesis Equipment Pack

Each pack costs $99 and you will receive 20 x Equipment NFTs (random rarities).

Here are the odds for this pack:

Rarity % Odds Total NFTs
Legendary 15% 7500
Epic 30% 15000
Rare 30% 15000
Uncommon 15% 7500
Common 10% 5000

You also get an additional chance to win two bonus NFTs:

Rarity % Odds Total NFTs
Common Area 0.2% 5
NTT Sticker (Free Mine) 10% 250

Future packs in this tier class will be priced at $300, so you are getting a great launch deal if you can get your hands on one!

Launch Equipment Pack

The Launch Equipment Pack is essentially the same as the Genesis Equipment Pack. Here you get Equipment NFTs to operate a Mine NFT (as an owner or as a contractor) and the only difference is that the odds lean heavily towards a common rarity.

It's still a great pack option to have, especially if you are on a budget.

Launch Equipment Pack

Each pack costs $20 and you will receive 20 x Equipment NFTs (random rarities).

Rarity % Odds Total NFTs
Legendary 1% 1,000
Epic 2% 2,000
Rare 10% 10,000
Uncommon 22% 22,000
Common 65% 65,000

You also get an additional chance to win one bonus NFT:

Rarity % Odds Total NFTs
NTT Sticker (Free Mine) 1% 50

Future packs in this tier class will be priced at $40, so a great launch day deal!

Founder NTT Badge

If you buy any of the packs, you will receive a Founder NTT Badge. Only one badge is possible per WAX wallet and it's a non-burnable/non-transferable NFT.

Founder NTT Badge

The Founders NTT Badge will be used to "constantly reward" badge holders, another perk for joining in on the very first DeepMine sale.

The game is due to launch in beta in Q2 2022.

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