VOID, Hodlgod & Dr Zammsy - The Ultimate Collab!

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By Craig Fulton
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Dr Zammsy has paired up with Hodlgod and creator Onessus to appear in a special collaborative pack dropping November 9 @ 12pm EST.

Not only that, but the entire Dr Zammsy collection will also be stakeable on WhenStaking immediately after the sale, Onessus' staking protocol and the very first external NFT project receive the honour.

We have been huge fans of Dr Zammsy since day one, Matt Gaser's artwork & storytelling (also written by project partner WaxWars) is above anything we have seen before in the NFT space.

This collaboration adds utility to the exceptional series 1 & 2 card sets, along with the special collaboration pack that we can't wait to get our hands-on.

Hodlgod-Dr Zammsy Pack Drop

The Enigmas of Palagon Pack will go on sale for $19.99 each, are limited to 2,499 packs and will only be available for a short 2-hour window.

You will need to be quick to grab these!

Pack Amount Released No. of NFTs Launch Price Launch Date Sale Window
Enigmas of Palagon 2,499 12 $19.99 09/11/2021 2 Hours

You can buy packs on the Hodlgod NeftyBlocks drop page:

NeftyBlocks - NeftyBlocks
NeftyBlocks is a user-friendly marketplace to effortlessly buy, distribute and manage NFT collections. Create & sell your digital collectibles using the seamless collection, distribution, and branding tools.


There are 15 collab cards to collect across 6 rarities, from common to mythic. The cards depict The 3 Enigmas of Palagon: Earth, Fire & Ice and follow the story of Kraven Falkirk, a farmer seriously injured after battle and left with little choice but to make a deal with a demon.

Each Enigma has its own set of cards and mini-story on the back of each card.

All rarities and odds of unpacking can be seen below:

Rarity % Odds Total Templates Assets Per Template
Mythic 2% 1 600
Legendary 4% 1 1,200
Epic 10% 3 1,399
Rare 15% 3 1,499
Uncommon 25% 3 2,499
Common 40% 4 2,999/3,000

The cards look incredible, with awesome animations for the higher rarity tiers:

The two NFT projects have been captured beautifully in the designs. The card environments have been inspired by early HodlGod gameplay trailers, whilst the Sword of Palagon is a card reward from series 2 of Dr Zammsy (the white puzzle if you want to give it a go!).

Set mastery

If you master the set and collect all 15 cards, not only do you get the full incredible story, but you will get this awesome trophy pack.

Will you add the pack to your trophy cabinet or rip open to see what's inside?

WhenStaking Utility

We have said it before, Dr Zammsy is THE sleeping giant of WAX.

Not only are you getting the incredible artwork by Matt Gaser (Star Wars, Rugrats, World of Warcraft, Angry Birds and more!), but now you have the ability to stake your entire Dr Z collection to earn VOID tokens.

VOID is a token that is already used in HodlGod, NiftyVille and WhenStaking.

We won't go into the whole dynamics of WhenStaking here, our guide for Dr Zammsy and WhenStaking will be out very soon!

But at a basic level, you will be able to stake your Dr Zammsy NFTs along with VOID tokens. The higher the rarity, the more VOID you can load up on your Dr Zammsy NFT.

When you do this, you will instantly be paid 80% yield back (for a limited time and if you lock your NFT/VOID for 12 months) and receive a lease NFT (which acts as a replacement for your staked NFT).

Since you get your VOID yield back instantly, you can then stake that against another NFT if you want (or add it to the original if it has the capacity).

How cool is that!

After 12 months (or the lockup period you choose), you would get your original NFT and staked VOID back (on top of the instant VOID payment you received when you first staked).

So much incredible utility is happening now and still to come from Dr Zammsy. You will also be able to earn VOID tokens in their upcoming battle card game and have other NFT collaborations planned.

We are excited to see the project develop from here. Whatever you do, don't sleep on this sleeping giant!

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