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By Craig Fulton
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Fabricated Madness, the team behind the potential blockbuster hit Dr. Zammsy, have released a whitepaper for their upcoming play-to-earn NFT game.

Custom development studio Robot Sea Monster have been hired to develop the game and bring extensive industry experience to the table.

As is always the case with Dr. Zammsy, the whitepaper stays true to the core artistic flair that we have come to expect from the incredibly talented artist Matt Gaser, with charming sketches and artwork littered throughout.

Sketch of Dr. Zammsy riding through the forest of Gallagan, one of many featured in the whitepaper.

About Dr Zammsy

If we are being honest, many of the recent play-to-earn games are as shallow as the Right-Click, Save As argument. There just isn't much substance beyond pointing and clicking.

Dr. Zammsy, on the other-hand, is a twenty-year love affair to the weird and wonderful art of storytelling. The world of Gallagan seeds were sown long before even Bitcoin found its roots.

The very first Dr. Zammsy digital painting (2005), featured in the book Spectrum 12: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art.

Matt Gaser, the mind and brush behind Dr. Zammsy, is best known for his work as a design and concept artist on huge franchises such as Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Developing galaxies far far away is something that comes naturally to Matt. Now his supreme talents are unbounded by the creative limitations of a third-party franchise thanks to the power of NFTs.

Funds raised through the first Dr Zammsy collectible NFTs back in April 2021 on the WAX blockchain set the foundations to bring these long simmering ideas to life. If ever there was an argument for NFTs, this is it.

Empower Matt and his team to grow and expand the world of Gallagan with every Dr. Zammsy NFT you purchase and be at the very supportive centre of this fantastical journey.

Dr Zammsy could be the next blockbuster hit, with an upcoming documentary in production and discussions with major streaming services for an animated series. Matt & the Fabricated Madness team have the talent and connections to make this a huge success.

Documentary Poster

You can learn all about the epic art and story that The Chronicles of Dr Zammsy has to offer on the official website.

Now let's dive into the upcoming play-to-earn battle game with an overview on the released whitepaper details.

Gameplay & Mechanics

The Dolo Battle Card game will use the genre style of Clash Royale, where two players battle it out to destroy the opposing players towers within a 3-minute timeframe.

Example of Clash Royale - Players send units to attack opposing players towers.

Each player starts with three towers and a deck of 10 battle cards (which you can customise based on your collection) which will convert to units on the battle field.

The aim is to keep winning games, earn VOID tokens, build a strong deck, upgrade your health/mana stats and level up your elo rating (ranking system).

How To Win

If, for example, I destroyed one of your towers and all my towers were still standing when the 3 minutes is up, I would win the game (boom!). The game will also end immediately if one player destroys the opposing players main central tower.

If we have an equal amount of towers destroyed (or none), an additional 2 minutes of game play will be added to try and separate the players. If we are still tied at the end of the two minutes, whoever has dealt the most damage to the opposing players towers will win the game.

The game can end in a draw if both players are tied in standing towers and tower health.

Concept Board - Each player starts with three towers. When you destroy your opponents towers, you can deploy units on their side of the battle map (highlighted)


Players who win/draw/lose will earn VOID tokens. VOID is already used by Hodlgod and the highly anticipated upcoming blockchain game NiftyVille.

To learn more about VOID token, you can read the Onessus whitepaper.

We don't know the yield rates for a win/lose/draw, but we will keep you updated when this likely comes closer to launch. You will be able to spend your earnings on strengthening your battle card deck.

The team do also plan to release a native token to earn and interact with VOID though this is still in development.

Cards & Decks

You can acquire cards to play in-game in the form of NFTs. Dr Zammsy has released two series sets to date, along with weekly battle cards designed specifically for the game (though all cards can be used for the game).

Dolo Battle Cards

Battle cards are used to defeat your opponent on the battlefield. You will create a deck of 10 battlecards that you can customise to find the best battle strategy.

Each battle card has it's own game mechanic. For example, some cards will be used to attack your opponent as a ground, flying or ranged unit that appears on the battlefield when you use your card (for mana). Each unit type has their own pros/cons.

You also have battle cards that can create instant effects such as healing your friendly units, create temporary building units that can attack or defend, spawn main hero characters that are stronger than your average units, and battle cards that are capable of spawning minion units (hell yeh!).

Decoration Mechanics

What's really unique about Dolo Battle Cards (aside from the incredible artwork) is the ability to decorate your battle NFTs with rivets, sockets and crowns.

Decorations will also change the look of your Battle Card NFT

These unique decorative NFTs can be blended (destroyed) to make permanent changes to the Dolo Battle Card of your choice.

  1. Rivets - Can be used to upgrade units attack or health stats and are available in common > legendary rarity. Battle cards will have two or more rivet slots available. They can also be applied to specific Socket and Crown assets to improve their abilities.

  2. Sockets - Add new abilities to the battle card (two sockets slots available). Sockets will have 2 to 4 Rivet slots.

Example socket powers:

-Freezing/Slowing/DOT Attack
-Area Effect Attack
-Faster Deploy
-Special Movement
-On-Death Effects (explod, heal allies, spawn minions etc)
  1. Crown - High value passive or aura based effects. Only 1 slot available on battle cards and may have 2 to 6 Rivet slots to upgrade crown-based ability stats.

Example Crown powers:

-Damaging Aura
-Healing Aura
-Taunt Enemies
-Spawn Minions

Loot Boxes

Get ready to grab some sweet loot with Dr. Zammsy loot boxes.

Special 2021 NFT is redeemable for a loot box

A special commemorative 2021 NFT has been released now and will be redeemable for a loot box (when available). If you are quick, you can purchase five of these and blend for a 10X loot box (as in 10X the power of a single loot box). That's essentially 10 loot boxes for the price of 5. But hurry, there is only 9 left at time of writing!


Loot boxes will contain special crafting NFTs such as Replicon Nexus Cards and Battle Satchels (as well as other cool items). These NFTs can be blended together in one of Dr. Zammsy's wonderful technological marvels called the Holicron Splicer.

The NFTs you blend in the Holicron Splicer are destroyed and you gain a shiny new Dolo Battle Card NFT that can be used in-game. Sweet!

The type of playable battle card will depend on the battle satchel type. For example, a Ground battle Satchel would give you a ground unit battle card such as a tank or infantry.

3D World Resource Gathering

Players will be able to adventure and gather resources in a built up 3D world to make battle satchels and decorations.

It's a neat concept that add an extra layer of depth to the game and we can't wait to explore Dr. Zammsy's HQ at Halobridge hospital.

Development Timeline

This all sounds great, but when will the game be released?

The firm dates we have so far are as follows:

  • April 2022 - Release the Holicron Splicer to blend your battle cards with battle satchels, replicon nexus and decorations.
  • June 2022 - 3D world taster with the playable Med Bot Experience to interact with the Halobridge hospital environment.
  • August 2022 - Closed environment testing for the Dolo Battle Game. No animations or VFX, emphasis on game mechanics.

Alpha and open Beta will follow before the final launch and we will update as soon as we have dates for this.

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