What Are BluDAC Meta Pools?

10 months ago   •   2 min read

By Craig Fulton
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Lots of people have been asking the question "what are BluDAC Meta Pools?"

Thankfully the Meta Pool mystery is pretty straightforward, so let me explain what they are.

LP Tokens

When you provide liquidity, you get an LP (Liquidity Provider) token in return that represents your % share of the liquidity pool.

For example, if I was to provide liquidity for $BLU/$VOID I would receive the LP token $BLUVOID.


If you have been involved in BluDAC before, this is nothing new. You would take your $BLUVOID LP token and stake it against the BLUVOID pool:


Ok, so what about Meta Pools?

For the Meta pool, we wouldn't stake our $BLUVOID LP token on BluDAC.

What we will do instead is provide liquidity against the $WAX/$BLUVOID pairing. This will give us a new LP token called $WAXBLUV:


TIP: If you are unsure what LP token you will get back when providing liquidity, just look at the Position (LP-T) underneath the Provide Liquidity button (see red arrow in screenshot above).

Then we will take our new $WAXBLUV LP token and stake it against the WAXBLUV meta pool on BludAC:


That's all there is to it! You will now earn your share of the 500k $BLU, which is dropped to each of the meta pools over the next 30 days.

Essentially, meta pools are all WAX/LP-TOKEN pairings. You are providing liquidity for the LP token itself! You can simply repeat the above steps for the other available meta pools.


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