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By Craig Fulton
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The BluDAC Polygon rocket is now over 60% full, leaving little time to jump in on the most important space mission of our lifetime (in a DeFi sense at least)!

Space travel doesn't come cheap though and the 250k $BLU will be a barrier to many willing space pioneers!

Fear not, for NFT Stonkers has come to the rescue to willingly shuttle those with smaller pockets to the promised lands.

The concept is [insert your choice of profanity here] cool! All you need to do is purchase their special NFT that represents 1 share of the NFT Stonker BluDAC pool.

What's so incredibly amazing about this is that 1 share will only cost you 1,500 $BLU (around 44 WAX at the time of writing)!

You can buy as many or as few shares as you want, so there is an option for all budgets that can't quite reach the required 250k minimum.

All it costs is a 5% pool management fee, that will be deducted before your share of the rewards are paid.

How do I get involved?

Pop over to Nefty Blocks, and buy at least 1 share NFT with 1,500 $BLU. That will secure a share of a seat on the BluDAC rocket to Polygon:

Currently sold out, but more to come from NFT STonkers & BluDAC!
NeftyBlocks - NeftyBlocks
NeftyBlocks is a user-friendly marketplace to effortlessly buy, distribute and manage NFT collections. Create & sell your digital collectibles using the seamless collection, distribution, and branding tools.

And yes, Nefty Blocks now allows you to buy/sell NFTs for $BLU (wow!).

You don't have too much time either to get involved. The rocket is filling fast & NFT stonkers predict they will be sending this shuttle ship up in a couple of days (at the latest).

When will I get my rewards?

It's a little too early for NFT Stonkers to plan a reward timetable, but as of now, rewards will be paid on the WAX blockchain (minus the 5 % management fee and any network fees incurred during the process).

You can get in and out of the pool easily just by selling your share NFT on the secondary market. The reward will simply be paid to whoever holds the NFT at the time.

No withdraw windows, no liquidity pool fuss, just buy the share NFT and hold. Simple!

I don't have any $BLU, how do I get some?

It's super easy to do and we covered this in our BluDAC/Polygon article. Hotlink straight to the good stuff below:

BluDAC - Blasting Off To Polygon
After the early success of BluDAC’s DeFi launch on the WAX Blockchain, they are now getting ready to blast a rocket to new horizons: Polygon.

What the heck is BluDAC?

Not sure what BluDAC is? Learn everything you need to know about this intergalactic space mission:

Blu DAC Launching Liquidity Pool Rewards | Arodie.com
Blu DAC is launching a rocket in the shape of third party liquidity pool rewards for tokens on the WAX blockchain.

Who is NFT Stonkers?

NFT Stonkers gives everyone the opportunity to get involved in specific NFT projects by pooling resources from those who couldn't afford to go it alone.

You can check out their other profit share projects, such as Farmers World, by joining their Discord server:

Join the NFT Stonkers Discord Server!
This is the official server for NFT Stonkers | 3,406 members

You could say that NFT Stonkers is the Robin Hood of WAX!

You're no outlaw NFT Stonkers. Why, someday you'll be called a great hero.

- Friar Tuck (probably said it).

Keep Updated

So much more to come from BluDAC and NFT Stonkers, so watch this space!

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