BluDAC - New Token Pairs & Month 2

10 months ago   •   4 min read

By Craig Fulton

The first month of BluDAC has come to an end after a wild ride of staking our LP tokens in the pools of our choice.

That was fun!

Rockets clearly make time fly and new pools have now taken shape. We are here to guide you on this new journey into month two of BluDAC.

This article will be updated once the new pools have been released.

New Token Pair Pools

11 new pools have been added to BluDAC for month two. 10 of these tokens were selected for coming in the top 10 places in the liquidity competition.

BLUX was due to be added in month one but just missed the rocket. So here it is in month two with a larger reward pool to make up for the lost time.

Here you can see the new tokens, pool rewards and useful links:

There are also smaller starter pools being released for the runner-up tokens, offering 500k $BLU rewards over the 30 days.

I will get these listed like the table above when they drop (it may take a little time to work through though!)

If you are not sure how to work out your returns in each pool, read our guide on 'how to estimate pool yields':

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Existing Token Pairs

All existing token pairs will be back as newly formed pools, however, the rewards in these pools will reduce from 5m > 1m $BLU to be released over the next 30 days.

That's a daily drop of 33,333 $BLU to each of these pools. Just remember that you need to unstake from the existing pools as the rewards will be paid into newly formed pools.

You don't need to unstake your membership.

The only existing pool that will have a higher reward is WAX/BLU, which will remain at 20m $BLU.

Meta Pool

There are new WAX pair rewards for all the original pools LP tokens. For example, you can provide liquidity for WAX/BLUVOID and you will earn $BLU!

Still not sure what a Meta Pool is? Read below:

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Pool Fees

Month two will also introduce pool fees (not starting straight away!).

Pools fees will be incurred when staking, unstaking and harvesting. Every time you stake/unstake/harvest, you will be charged $1 + 1% of the total transaction in $BLU.

Pool fees will be used as follows:

  • 50% will go to a reward pool that BluDAC members vote on for month 3
  • 25% will be burned (aka destroyed)
  • 25% will go to the devs

Pool fees are important to help drive the value of $BLU up. It will no doubt take some fine-tuning to get this right, so month two will likely be experimental and tweaked from there if needed.

New to BluDAC?

We have your back! Learn everything you need to know in our ultimate guide:

Blu DAC Launching Liquidity Pool Rewards |
Blu DAC is launching a rocket in the shape of third party liquidity pool rewards for tokens on the WAX blockchain.

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