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By Craig Fulton
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DeFi space travel is totally awesome, but all that rippin' through hyperspace requires much TLC to keep everything running oh-so smoothly.

The BluDAC crew never stop working to build a better rocket!

Here's what they have been up to:


Month 2 pools & menu

With the many new pools being added for month two, a new drop-down menu was added to navigate the various pools:

  • Promo Launch Pools - Pools launching that are on the promo reward rate, usually the highest rewards from all the pools (with a few odd exceptions).
  • OG Pools - Pools that were launched in month 1, have now moved to the originals (OG) pools.
    *** Starter Pools** - Tokens starting out BluDAC that aren't on the promo reward rate.
  • Meta Pools - Pools for LP tokens...what!! Provide liquidity for your LP tokens against WAX & get rewarded with $BLU
  • Expired Pools - The rocket graveyard for those pools that are no longer with us.


Unstake LP

Unstake barriers have been raised to tackle an exploit where players would stake and then quickly unstake their LP, right before and after the reward window. This caused issues with the 24-hour Epoch contract, with a fix now in place:

  • When you unstake your LP from BluDAC, you will be refunded your stake 3 days after the unstake request.
  • Fees will be applied to unstaking, with the fee amount visible within the unstake pop out. Unstake fees are charged in BLU, deducted from your harvested balance.
BluDAC unstake


  • The AIMY now has four decimal places.  For example, pre-change BLUVOID's AIMY would read 0.03, but now it reads 0.0255. This allows you to more accurately calculate your potential BLU earnings.
BluDAC AIMY update

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