BluDAC - Blasting Off To Planet Polygon (Complete Guide)

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By Craig Fulton
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After the early success of BluDAC's DeFi launch on the WAX Blockchain, they are now getting ready to blast a rocket to new horizons: Polygon.

This article has been updated to include instructions on how to connect Polygon's new RPC gateway through Metamask, which is not connected to automatically.

BluDAC will be hurtling 30 Million $BLU right through Polygon's ozone layer. Move over Starship, this is what we call a BIG rocket!

Want to join the ride? Here is what you need to know.

What Is Polygon?

Polygon is a layer-2 network.

A what!?

Well, think of it as an extra layer of the Etherium onion, after all, Etherium has eyewatering gas fees and slow transactions that can make us shed a tear or two.

But the Polygon Layer is different. It gives us everything we like about the Etherium onion, without the tears.

That being zero gas, faster transactions and scalability.

For example, you can buy NFTs on OpenSea without costly wallet initialization and buy/sell NFTs gas-free (just make sure to toggle Chains to Polygon in the filter).

Polygon's token is called MATIC (Polygon used to be called MATIC before a rebrand, but the token retained its name).

What's in it for me?

We know how BluDAC launched on WAX and the insane yields achieved by those who got in early. This could essentially be like hitting the reset button and getting back in on that original WAX launch.

You will be one of the few people on planet Polygon that holds the very limited supply of $BLU. Wow!

Of course, there are new variables at play here. New blockchain, new audience and new projects. But it does offer a very intriguing opportunity considering the success of the WAX launch.

After all, if you don't build a rocket, you will never make it to space.

Ok, so how do I get involved?

BluDAC announced on October 30 that they are looking for pioneers to join them on the journey to Polygon.

Here is everything you need to know to become a pioneer.

IMPORTANT: The rocket is now closed. Please do not send any more $BLU to the WAX address.

Become a pioneer

  • Send a MINIMUM of 250k $BLU to the BluDAC WAX account: rockettopoly
  • MUST include your Polygon wallet address in the MEMO
  • There is no maximum $BLU cap, send as much as you want above 250k
  • Once there's 30 Million $BLU in the account, BluDAC will blast off to Polygon, sending your $BLU straight to your POLYGON account (minus 20% burned a.k.a destroyed).
NOTE ON BURNING: Whatever you send to the BluDAC WAX account, 20% of the total will be burned off (a.k.a destroyed). For example, if you send 1 million $BLU, BluDAC will send you 800k to your Polygon wallet.

By rocket launching, we mean that the total $BLU you sent is burned from the WAX blockchain (destroyed to maintain max circulation) and the new Polygon blockchain $BLU is sent to your Polygon Wallet. Neat!

If you want to secure a seat on the rocket, it's best to send your $BLU as early as possible. Remember, as soon as $30 million $BLU sits in the rockettopoly WAX account, the doors will shut. The timer starts now!

No memberships are needed to go on this intergalactic journey (for now at least!).

After the ship has landed, there will be new liquidity pool rewards for staking your Polygon LP tokens against new exciting projects. Project partners and exchanges are still to be announced, but we will keep you updated.

If you do want to get involved, you will need to get a Polygon wallet to get started.

Create Polygon wallet

Head to and select Use Polygon in the header menu and click on Polygon Wallet.

Next, in the top right click Connect to a Wallet.

Polygon Connect Wallet

You will now see three options that you have to connect to a crypto wallet: Metamask, WalletConnect & Coinbase Wallet:

Polygon Connect Wallet Options

We will show you how to set up with Metamask.

Setting up Metamask & Polygon

Don't have Metamask?

If you don't have Metamask, go to and click 'download' in the top right:

Choose the browser you want to install the Metamask extension on. We will choose Chrome:

Metamask Download Browser

Once installed, click on the Metamask extension and follow the steps to create an account (it's straightforward from here, just follow the account creation steps).

I have Metamask, what's next?

Go back to, select Metamask as your wallet to connect and login to your Metamask wallet.

You will then be asked to select your account:

Connect With MetaMask

Click next and approve on the next step. You may find that you need to click on the connect Metamask wallet again on the Polygon website:

When you do it this time, you are asked for approval to sign into the Polygon Wallet:

Metamask Signature Request

You may need to sign around three approvals. Once all signed, click on Polygon Wallet.

This will open up the Polygon Wallet. Now you want to hit 'Switch to Polygon' in the top right:

This adds Polygon as a custom network within your Metamask wallet, so you can seamlessly interact with the Polygon Network.

Metamask add Network

Once approved, Metamask will ask you if you want to allow the site to switch networks. If you look at the top of the message, here you can see we are still connected to Etherium Mainnet and we will be switching to our newly added custom network: Polygon.

Polygon Switch Network

I added in a few extra steps than what we actually need right now, but it's important for using Metamask with Polygon in the future.

Add new RPC Gateway

Next, we want to edit the custom network we added to change the RPC URL to Polygon's new gateway.

Head over to your Metamask account settings, by clicking the profile image in the top right and then hit Settings:

Polygon Metamask Settings

Scroll down and select Networks.

Metamask Edit Network

Select Polygon from the list and then add:

As the New RPC URL.

Polygon RPC

Hit save & boom, you're done!

Locate your wallet address

To locate your wallet address, head back to your Polygon wallet and click Receive:

Now you will see your wallet address:

Copy Wallet Address Polygon

Look familiar? That's because it's the same as your Etherium address (we told you it's still an onion!).

Keep hold of this address as we will need to add it to the MEMO when transferring our $BLU:

How do I transfer $BLU?

There are two ways you can transfer $BLU to the BluDAC WAX wallet: rockettopoly

IMPORTANT: The rocket is now closed. Please do not send any more $BLU to the WAX address.

Alcor Exchange

Head over to the Alcor Exchange, connect your WAX wallet and click Wallet in the menu header:

Look for $BLU in your tokens and select transfer over to the right.

Here you simply put the amount you are transferring (min 250k), the BluDAC WAX account address rockettopoly and in the MEMO add your Polygon wallet address (super important).

Alcor Transfer BLU

Boom, that's you done.

WAX Wallet

You can also send $BLU direct from your WAX wallet. First, you need to add $BLU as a custom token. You know us, we have an article on it already:

Add Tokens To Your WAX Wallet
You may want to add your favourite crypto token to your WAX wallet, such as AETHER or YOSHIBK, to see your balances in one place!

Once you have added $BLU as a custom token, when you hit Send, you will see $BLU as an option.

Sent Token Wax Wallet

Select $BLU, choose the amount you want to send (min 250k), add BluDAC's WAX address rockettopoly and add your Polygon Wallet address in the Memo.

IMPORTANT: The rocket is now closed. Please do not send any more $BLU to the WAX address.

When you hit next, you have a seat on the rocket and a cargo bay full of $BLU!

How do I buy $BLU?

What do you do if you don't have any $BLU or need to top up your $BLU balance?

It's really easy, just use the Alcor Exchange Swap link below to take you straight to the WAX/BLU swap pairing, so you can do exactly that: Swap $WAX for $BLU.

Alcor Exchange | Swap WAX for BLU
Easy token swap, with liquidity providers earnings.

Just add the total amount of WAX you want to swap for $BLU in the Sell field.

For example, if I want to swap my 956 WAX, I'll receive 21,395 $BLU in exchange.

Swap WAX for BLU

Just hit Swap WAX to BLU and you're done!

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