Droppp Announces Funko Nicktoons Series 2 NFTs

Droppp Announces Funko Nicktoons Series 2 NFTs

On the day of love, Funko will be dropping the latest series of Funko NFTs. It's nickelodeons turn again, this time with Nicktoons Series 2 NFTs.

Funko Nicktoons Series 2 NFTs drops February 14 @2pm ET

What do we know so far?

We know that Funko will offer the usual Standard (21,250 - $9.99) and Premium (21,250 - $29.99) packs.

This is the exact same size as the Teen Titans Go NFT drop that just recently dropped.

Rocko is the Funko NFT Grail of the drop, the Australian wallaby from the show Rocko's Modern Life.

Get the Nicktoons Funko Grail NFT & you can claim a physical Rocko Funko Pop! 

As for the Legendaries and the Royalty, they have still to be revealed.

What Is Rocko's Modern life?

Rocko's Modern Life first aired on Nickelodeon in 1993 and ran for four seasons until 1996. The show quickly became a hit among audiences of all ages and is still remembered today as a classic of 90s animated television.

Rocko was an Australian wallaby who lived in the futuristic city of O-Town, and the show followed his wacky adventures with his friends Heffer the steer and Filburt the turtle. This show was famous for its unique humour, which was a mix of absurd and wacky gags, clever references to pop culture, and subtle social commentary.

One of the things that made Rocko's Modern Life so special was its distinct art style. The characters had an almost flat, 2D look that was both distinctive and timeless. And the animation was top-notch, with smooth movements and inventive camera angles.

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Another aspect that made the show so memorable was its fantastic voice cast. Carlos Alazraqui, who voiced Rocko, brought a perfect mix of energy and cluelessness to the character, making him both relatable and funny. And the supporting cast was equally strong, with Tom Kenny as Heffer and Mr. Lawrence as Filburt bringing their own unique brand of humour to the table.

But Rocko's Modern Life wasn't just a funny cartoon. The show also tackled some pretty mature themes, like environmentalism, consumerism, and the trials of adulthood. These themes were woven into the fabric of the show in a way that was both clever and subtle, and they helped to make the show appealing to both kids and adults.

Its unique art style, hilarious humour, and smart writing made it a standout show that still holds up today. If you're looking for some nostalgia or just a good laugh, give Rocko's Modern Life a watch. You won't be disappointed!

What do we think?

As a kid growing up in the 90's, this is right up my street. I used to watch Rocko's Modern World after school (rather than doing any homework). Of course, there are Rocko Funko Pops out there, including Rocko with Spunky and Heffer has had the Funko Pop treatment too. Happy to make room for a limited piece for sure!

Going by the amount of Rugrats NFTs featured on the landing page, I'm going to assume that we will see more Rugrats Funko Pops. I'm probably leaning to the side of wishing for more redeemable variety across shows, as much as I love the Rugrats, but we did get a Tommy and a Chuckie in Series 1 after all.

I did see a comment from a member on Discord that wished to mix up the formula, hoping to see series 1 Nickelodeon NFTs playing a role in this newest drop, maximising the creative potential of NFTs. I think that's a really sound idea.

It would be interesting if Droppp would explore mixing up the Funko NFT format in future, but at the end of the day they are making money with consistent sellouts, so will likely not be keen to rock the winning formula boat.

Regardless, there will be plenty to love in this drop this valentines day!

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